Open Door Policy

URE has an open door policy that is intended to promote communication and mutual respect within the office. As such, all parents and staff of URE are encouraged to bring questions, comments, complaints, and suggestions to the center’s Director, Tamara Red or a staff member.


If you are not comfortable approaching your child’s teacher, Tamara Red, URE, Director has been designated as an open resource for any parent. She can be contacted at or at 217-213-5772.

Anonymous suggestions, questions, comments, and complaints can also be submitted to or via our website suggestion box.


URE will investigate any and all allegations of improper conduct concerning discrimination, harassment, unethical conduct, and illegal activity. URE has a strict no-retaliation policy with regards to parents who file allegations against the company or its staff members.

For more information, please contact: Tamara Red, Director, 217-213-5772,

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